Sunday, September 2, 2018

To Kununurra -- 7 Sep 2018

Awoken early by the screeching and squawking of the abundant bird life that inhabit the trees surrounding each of the tent cabins.  I put off rising for an hour or so, then showered and headed down to the resort centre for breakfast.  The bus loads that stayed overnight were already packed, fed and ready to head off.  I settled for the continental breakfast at $30 -- that did nothing to change my opinion of El Questro!

I did a backtrack once I got on the road and visited Zebedee Springs which is on the main ElQ property.  Only a short though rough walk from the car park.  A natural mineral spring flows from the mountainside down through a series of small rock pools.  Temperature is 28-30C all year round.  I found a spot where I could sit and soak my blistered feet -- felt so good.

Back on the road I took the Gibb River Road back to its start at the junction with the Great Northern Highway and turned north for Wyndham.  The last 30 km into Wyndam is being upgraded, and the drive is limited to 60kph with several lengthy stops along the way.  Of course there are always the idiots who don't believe speed limits are meant for them, and pass you in a shower of mud and stones.

Old Wyndham town is situated next to the port on Cockburn Sound.  The Main Street has been preserved as a ghost town.. Shops and pub all closed but kept in museum style condition.  There is a local historical society museum where I got lots of interesting information for my $5 admission fee.  The new town is situated 3 miles inland, clear of the mudflats that are caused by the 8 metre tides there.  It is small and looks to be largely indigenous in population.  Above the town is the Five Rivers Lookout which gives one a 360' panoramic view for a great distance.  I couldn't work out where or what the 5 rivers are .. But that didn't spoil the view.

On the way out of town I stopped for lunch at the town's bakery.  Noted for its crocodile pies and barramundi pies.  I settled for a very tasty beef and mushroom.  Then I had to crawl back through the 30km of roadworks on the highway.  The drive to Kununurra took a couple of hours. 

Found the apartment resort easily: it is on the highway into town opposite a small lake.  Is very comfortable and fitted out with all the conveniences one needs.  No eatery on the property but there is a large pub next door.  I checked out the town's Coles for some brekkky items, and the pharmacy for Panadol and blister patches.  Prices didn't strike me as too much more than Brisbane, but that was just a quick look.

Some photos from today are located here.

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